At the moment no live shows

Hi my Friends, today i want to let you know why i am not playing live anymore and why i am not released a new album. Only my Family and special Friends knew about my Problem, but i think it is time to let you all know what happend…The Problem is, i have since already 15 month a NEURO LYME-DISEASE (you can get that by Moscitos, Ticks, flees and many more insects) and it is impossible for me to do anything. The most people get it more harmless, but i did get it Heavy and in a neurologic way, mostly i lay in bed because the normal body function, what are regulated by the vegetative nerve system are going crazy. I tried several antibiotics, special pills from Healpractitioners and many more , nothing helped till now….and i dont know how this goes on. I am sorry to tell you that i don’t know how i am moving on with music, but i will be here to stay in touch.
If i get rid of this, i will come back!
Thank you for listining and i wish you all the best Health, this is the biggest gift on earth!
Cheers JR

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  • Peter Ekendahl on


    Sounds terrible!!! I really hope you get well soon!!! Your guitar playing is absolutely great and I miss new things to listen to – but that that of course is of little importance under such circumstances :c)…

    Best wishes and hopes from Sweden

  • Larry Watts on

    I live in Connecticut, about an hour drive from Old Lyme. This is where the disease originated. I have had friends get severe cases but as they continue taking their antibiotics they have gotten back to their old selves in time. You are right about having good health, without it life can be tough. Keep positive thoughts in your head and maybe you can even turn this experience into a positive by writing new music from these thoughts.
    On a selfish note i dont know what i’m going to do without hearing some more music from you. No one else touches my emotions the way you do. Your Voices album has gotten me through some rough times.
    Get well soon!!

  • Alaina Salgado on

    Get better soon J.R.!! Positive thoughts and prayers for you from the beautiful „Green Mountain“ state of Vermont, USA. I hope you will find the strength to pull through so you can get back to your music… you are such a gifted musician and I love your amazing instrumental pieces like „Dreams“. Stay positive and strong and don’t give up!! Accept the support and love of your family and friends they will help you pull through this… HUGS!!

  • Henning Michel on

    Hi Juergen,
    sorry to hear that and I can feel with you. I own a Rhodesian Ridgeback and spend a lot of time out on the country site and had a few tick bites over the last several years. Most of them ended up with an erythema migrants ‚only‘ and antibiotics therapies solved the problems but the last one ended up in a Neuro Lyme Disease with heavy backbone problems and problems of my nerve systems … neuropathy. Got a 4 week Ceftriaxon IV therapy and may backbone problems disappeared but still lots of nerve sensibility problems in my legs, can’t sleep at night and my ‚physical battery can’t be recharged to 100%‘ … really sad.

    I wish you all the best!